Vesting | July 2022

Vesting is a very popular method of motivating company founders, managers or other key employees to work and dedicate themselves to the company.

NDA | July 2022

How to sign an NDA? What should a non-disclosure agreement contain? We will tell you!

Partnership | May 2022

We have partnered with one of the leading law firms in Ukraine: Barristers. Check out more details.

LLC | May 2022

How to set up an LLC? When can a limited liability company start its business activity? We decided to compile all the most important questions to give you a complete overview of the whole issue.

New regulations | May 2022

Since 12 October 2022, a holding law will be in force in Poland. All the most important information about the holding law can be found below.

A company in Poland | May 2022

Do you want to open a company in Poland as a foreigner? With our guidance and support there is nothing easier than that.

Simple Joint-Stock Company | May 2022

What is a simple joint-stock company? What does a simple joint-stock company offer? Where a simple joint-stock company came from?

LLC | April 2022

Why is it worth to set up a Polish LLC? Who is liable for debts? How are limited liability companies required to settle their taxes? How to avoid double taxation in an LLC?

Taxes | March 2022

We will provide some general information about taxes in Poland, mainly focus on the taxes paid by companies and entrepreneurs.

Law firm | March 2022

Polish law is quite complicated, so if you are looking for a lawyer in Poland, it is worth to know how legal services in Poland operate.