• Company law and corporate services

    Setting up a company, day-to-day business management, building of capital structures or sale of shares - all of these may deceptively seem like simple processes to work out on your own. After all, every step can essentially be done online....


    In reality, however, it is advisable to have a support of competent lawytworzeers with knowledge and experience from the very first stage. Why? Errors in formal communication and documentation of the company can cost a lot of lost time, money, unnecessary anxiety and stress.

    Care and full involvement of a professional lawyer from the beginning of building the business will allow to avoid many problems. In the future, such legal assistance will facilitate the processes accompanying the functioning and development of the company - in drafting contracts between shareholders, all kinds of transformations in the structure of the company (mergers, divisions and conversions of commercial companies), capital increase and even dispute resolution.



    As lawyers from Sawaryn i partnerzy law firm, we support companies from the moment of their creation, performing legal audits of companies, until on-going services, searching for investors or sale of shares. We support and provide professional advice based on company law, conversions of commercial companies, commercial law and more - thus protecting our Clients from making the most common (and less common) mistakes.

    We help to achieve further business goals - we act on behalf of shareholders so that they can focus on developing their business without worrying about the interpretation of complex documents, contracts and investment processes.



    • we set up companies, branches and representative offices;
    • we provide ongoing legal corporate services to companies (especially in the field of corporate services for limited liability companies (spółki z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością);
    • we advise on the optimal legal form for a company;
    • we draft contracts between shareholders of companies;
    • we plan and create the capital structure for companies;
    • we merge, divide and convert companies;
    • we provide services to corporate bodies - management board, supervisory board, shareholders' meetings;
    • we advise on investment processes in capital companies (term sheet, investment agreements);
    • we provide support in trade of companies and enterprises;
    • we provide support in the process of searching for investors, sale of companies and developing exit strategy;
    • we prepare and analyze transaction documentation;
    • we develop and implement schemes of joint ownership through the acquisition of company shares by employees (employee stock ownership plan - ESOP);
    • we develop and implement vesting schedules;
    • we conduct due diligence;
    • we develop and implement investments through conversions (convertible loan).

    We service:

    We are the official partner of the Startup Podbeskidzie Foundation Startup Podbeskidzie

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  • E-commerce and consumer law

    Today, the presence of companies on the Internet is a necessity and e-commerce is one of the fastest growing branches of commerce. Activities online are regulated by numerous laws, such as those related to consumer protection and privacy. Compliance with the legal requirements (such as implementation of GDPR) is complex and undoubtedly requires support from qualified legal staff.



    Thanks to our own experience we are able to guide Clients through the formal complexities related to the business online presence. We provide legal services for online stores, we organize GDPR audits in both, small online stores as well as international e-commerce platforms, we draft commercial contracts based on the Commercial Companies Code. We always offer practical advice.


    • preparation of agreements regarding Internet services;
    • comprehensive legal services for online stores (including drafting regulations and privacy policies for web portals, Terms and Conditions);
    • adjusting legal documents to the requirements of the register of prohibited clauses;
    • the field of copyright law on the Internet;
    • auditing, training and implementation of GDPR (Data Protection Law);
    • outsourcing of data protection officer;
    • the field of GDPR issues in a company using online services;
    • preparing and coordinating marketing processes conducted online;
    • legal services for advertising channels in the area of social media (Facebook, YouTube);
    • on-going support for online stores and startups, including the so-called marketplace;
    • auditing Internet portals to ensure they meet legal requirements.

    We service:

    We are the official partner of the Startup Podbeskidzie Foundation Startup Podbeskidzie

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  • Copyright law

    Intellectual property law is probably one of the most commonly breached, yet least enforceable. For example there is a common misconception that if something is available on the Internet, it can be used without any consequences – also for economic purposes....


    We effectively protect our Clients' interests in the field of intellectual property rights. Thus, we limit the risk of unintentional breach of other authors' intellectual property rights and we seek redress/claims in case of their infringement by third parties – e.g. theft of intellectual property on the Internet.

    Thanks to many years of practice and experience we have developed effective methods for determining the areas that require protection in the context of the Client's interests, such as those mentioned in the paragraph above. Additionally, we actively cooperate with marketing and interactive agencies and we take part in advertising campaigns and we also provide intellectual property trainings. We know how to put together all the necessary elements for safe and legal use of copyright.



    • provide legal advice on copyrights and related rights;
    • provide support for IT businesses, startups and e-commerce companies in solving problems specific to the nature of their business;
    • handle seeking redress for the breach of moral and economic copyrights;
    • draft, negotiate and analyze agreements relating to copyrights;
    • register trademarks, industrial designs and patents;
    • draft and analyze IT software implementation agreements and maintenance agreements;
    • handle court cases concerning copyrights, trademarks or plagiarism;
    • provide advice for developers of IT software and mobile applications;

    We service:

    We are the official partner of the Startup Podbeskidzie Foundation Startup Podbeskidzie

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  • Contract law

    Do you need support in contract drafting for potential employees or in commercial contract drafting for business partners? Is the form of the contract you received from your future contractor / business partner questionable? Do you want to include specific provisions in the contract? Or maybe the performance of agreement is not going according to the arrangements?


    We support our Clients in all fields related to the drafting and enforcement of civil law contracts and commercial contracts, as well as in representing Clients in regard to claims arising out of legal contracts.



    • preparation, advising, assessment and negotiations during performance of contracts;
    • bringing actions arising from performance of contracts between the parties;
    • consultancy on the optimal contractual solutions securing the interests of Clients of our law firm;
    • drafting and negotiating contracts for artists and creative industries;
    • drafting and negotiating task-specific contracts, contracts of mandate and executive contracts;
    • drafting B2B cooperation agreements, leasing contracts, copyright transfer agreements;
    • drafting and negotiating contracts on execution and implementation of IT systems as well as SLAs – on ensuring the agreed level of service;
    • drafting outsourcing and franchise agreements;
    • drafting contracts for advertisement production and marketing activities on social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube).

    We service:

    We are the official partner of the Startup Podbeskidzie Foundation Startup Podbeskidzie

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  • Simple joint-stock companies (PSA)

    This non-public type of a commercial company - a combination of a joint-stock company and a limited liability company - offers many solutions previously unavailable to Polish businesses. What makes it special is, among others, the contribution of work to the equity, the creation of founders’ stocks or a minimum initial capital of PLN 1 (in the case of a limited liability company or a joint-stock company the initial capital amounts from several to tens of thousands of PLN). PSA aims at faster development of Polish enterprises - mainly startups in the area of new technologies, but not only. Is this something for you?


    We feel comfortable with new technologies and even better with legal innovations, mergers, divisions and conversions of commercial companies, including Simple Joint-Stock Company (PSA). We provide all legal services based on the Commercial Companies Code.


    • setting up simple joint-stock companies;
    • analysis and planning of the capital structure of PSA;
    • handling of changes in capital structure in a simple joint-stock company;
    • handling of sale of stocks in PSA;
    • adjusting the company's structure to its needs, i.a. through contribution of work and establishing founding stocks;
    • conducting transactions of return of funds from the company's stock capital;
    • handling of investment rounds;
    • consultancy on issues such as preference shares, ESOP, Vesting.

    We service:

    We are the official partner of the Startup Podbeskidzie Foundation Startup Podbeskidzie

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  • GDPR

    We provide a professional and individual approach to the issues related to the newly binding regulation on personal data protection (GDPR). We help our Clients to find their way in the complexities of this EU regulation together with personalized adjustment of all its elements for specific needs and goals of the company.  

    The implementation of GDPR in a company does not have to involve radical changes to the entire documentation flow as long as it is carried out in a precise and well-thought-out manner. Our lawyers have many years of experience, which they have successfully used in many major projects. 

    We offer activities that will for sure significantly simplify the administrative, marketing and sales activities of the company:

    • Conducting audits in accordance with the GDPR and other regulations:
      • a full scan of the company to describe all processes in which personal data is used,
      • verification and evaluation  of current documentation,
      • preparation of the necessary documentation (Privacy Policy, Record of Processing Activities, Security Policy, information clauses),
      • analysis of vulnerable areas of personal data processing,
    • *** GDPR trainings in both, on-site and online form, together with permanent access to e-books with a summary of all matters for all employees of the company;
    • preparation and implementation of the record of data processing activities and procedures;
    • preparation and implementation of data processing agreements together with recommendations concerning their application and monitoring of its observance;
    • taking on the role of Data Protection Officer in the company – based on DPO outsourcing;
    • preparing internal acts and regulations of the company concerning personal data protection;
    • preparing notifications of a personal data breach to the supervisory authority (PUODO);
    • representation during the PUODO inspection, in proceedings before PUODO and before administrative courts;


    We service:

    We are the official partner of the Startup Podbeskidzie Foundation Startup Podbeskidzie

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  • Law in IT

    We have many years of experience in providing services for IT entities. We offer specific legal support at various levels of development, in different business sectors. The implementation and operation of IT processes can be challenging, therefore lawyers from Sawaryn i partnerzy law firm focus only on practical and specified solutions.

    Precisely drafted legal agreements guarantee security of business in IT sectors. This makes it possible i.a. to avoid conflict situations between contractual partners, as well as to support appropriate motivation of specialists - especially in case of cooperation based on the outsourcing of development works, so often used in new technology sectors.

    The scope of our Law Firm’s services includes:

    • drafting of IT agreements – we specialize in Support and Maintenance Services Agreements, Development Services Agreements,  Software as a Service Agreement, Consulting Services Agreement and license agreements;
    • support during verification and contract negotiations;
    • GDPR in IT sector;
    • assistance in choosing the form of conducting business in the IT area;
    • examination of NDA (non-disclosure) and non-competition clauses;
    • drafting and assessment of software development agreements (IT contracts) for software developers and investors;
    • drafting terms and conditions for web and mobile applications (including SaaS services);
    • legal analysis of planned IT projects;
    • legal audit of compliance with IT sector standards and regulations;
    • projecting holding structures for IT companies;
    • preparation of documentation for the transfer of IT software to commercial law companies;
    • assessment and negotiations of IT investment agreements;
    • legal services in disputes concerning IT contracts and IT software.


    We service:

    We are the official partner of the Startup Podbeskidzie Foundation Startup Podbeskidzie

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What do the partners we work with say about us?



Mateusz and his team have proven to me on more than one occasion that they are open to a client and their needs. It is always a challenge to have someone to explore how a company works in a short period of time. This team understands the online industry and came up with a strategy that not only solved our problem but also allowed the company to grow.

Radosław Frączek




What I value most about working with this law firm is its ability to provide comprehensive legal assistance. I appreciate the fact that I can entrust the ongoing services for the company to this experienced team and be sure that they will make every effort to ensure that the case is handled comprehensively.

Tomasz Nowiński

TN Tomasz Nowiński



Nasza współpraca trwa już kilka lat, co myślę jest doskonałym dowodem na to, że jestem z niej zadowolony. Cenię fakt, że kancelaria pomaga zarówno w większych negocjacjach, mniejszych sprawach z zakresu RODO czy praw konsumenta, jak również obsłudze korporacyjnej. Przyszedłem jedynie skorzystać z doradztwa w zakresie umów, a zyskałem partnerów, do których mam w 100% zaufanie.

Tomek Kasperski




The key scope of our cooperation with Sawaryn I Partnerzy is ongoing legal services. The result of our joint activities, however, was an investment agreement amounting to PLN 1 mln for the development of our innovative project - Vinci Rithms - a system to analyze requests for proposal (RFP) based on machine learning. I am grateful to Mateusz for supporting us throughout the transaction and I certainly will not resign from further cooperation.

Wojciech Bachta

Da Vinci Studio



Cooperation with this team, for me, is the maximum relief from legal and organizational issues. I think that a good description of the way the law firm operates is a "no brainer" - so I throw in a topic and I know that it will be taken care of while I can focus on my duties and not think about it any more.

Tomasz Kucharski




The law firm's definite strength is its unconventional approach to issues and its search for creative solutions. They rely not only on their professional legal expertise but also on their personal business experience, which can be seen and positively impacts their case handling.

Michał Gębala