Company law and corporate services

Setting up a company, day-to-day business management, building of capital structures or sale of shares - all of these may deceptively seem like simple processes to work out on your own. After all, every step can essentially be done online....


In reality, however, it is advisable to have a support of competent lawytworzeers with knowledge and experience from the very first stage. Why? Errors in formal communication and documentation of the company can cost a lot of lost time, money, unnecessary anxiety and stress.

The care and full involvement of a professional lawyer from the very beginning of building a company will allow you to avoid many problems. In the future, such legal assistance will facilitate the processes accompanying the company's development - it will be useful in drafting agreements between partners, facilitate due diligence, and significantly simplify all types of transformations of business entities and those in the company's structures, capital increases, attracting investors, and even dispute resolution. The activities also include all kinds of analyzes in the field of company law.


As lawyers from the Sawaryn & Partners Law Firm, we support all activities related to the functioning of the company from the moment of their birth to ongoing professional legal services, assistance in finding investors or selling shares. We support and provide professional advice, protecting our clients from making the most common (and less common) mistakes. Legal services for companies offered by our law firm also includes assistance in completing business activity and related formalities.

We help to achieve further business goals - we act on behalf of shareholders so that they can focus on developing their business without worrying about the interpretation of complex documents, contracts and investment processes.



  • we create companies, branches and representative offices (we provide assistance in registering the company in the National Court Register, preparation of documentation)
  • ongoing legal services for the company (especially corporate services for limited liability companies, simple joint-stock companies or joint-stock companies)
  • legal advice on the selection of the optimal legal form of the enterprise
  • we prepare agreements between partners of companies (shareholders' agreements and investment agreements)
  • we plan and create the capital structure for companies;
  • we carry out mergers and divisions of companies,
  • we transform companies, we transform sole proprietorships into companies,
  • we service and support the operation of company bodies - the management board, the supervisory board, shareholders' meetings, general meetings
  • we advise on investment processes in capital companies (term sheet, investment agreements);
  • we provide support in trade of companies and enterprises;
  • we provide legal support in the process of seeking investors, selling companies and developing an exit strategy
  • we prepare and analyze transaction documentation;
  • we develop and implement schemes of joint ownership through the acquisition of company shares by employees (employee stock ownership plan - ESOP);
  • we develop and implement vesting schedules;
  • we conduct due diligence;
  • we develop and implement investments through convertible loan agreements


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