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Business is all about contracts, and contracts are the backbone of business. Negotiations, preparing changes to their content, or waiting for approval from a dream client - contracts are an essential aspect of employment, purchasing software, or joining sales networks.

However, contracts should not consume half of your time in the company - regardless of what you do, the important thing is the effect that the contract should bring, and the path to achieving it should be smooth and efficient. That's why it's essential to work on contracts quickly, to have them prepared and checked by someone trustworthy, and if necessary, to have their subsequent versions and content at hand, preferably in a clear format.


At our Law Firm, we understand the role that contracts play in a company. We know that you need a practical assessment of what needs to be signed in the context of your business, not a legal memorandum. We understand that you need the rhythm and organization of our work to be tailored to the departments and employees in your company.

We will help you understand the purpose of the contract and the consequences of signing it. We will write a contract for your company that best reflects your intentions and secures your business. We want to show you how contract law in B2B or consumer transactions ensures the protection of your company's interests and safeguards you against possible risks.

Our Law Firm deals with contract law in general, and in particular, provides advice on creating and interpreting contracts. We serve small businesses as well as international holding companies and can tailor the purpose and type of contract to our client's business needs.

Thanks to our support of large e-commerce platforms, we are experts in consumer transactions, and thanks to our cooperation with IT companies, we are familiar with all types of contracts used in this industry.

We advise on creating and enforcing rights based on civil law contracts. We will make sure that contract law is not a challenge for you.


We support our Clients in all areas related to creating and enforcing civil and commercial contracts, as well as representing clients in matters related to enforcing claims from contracts. Ensure your rights with us.


  • preparation, advising, assessment and negotiations during performance of contracts;
  • bringing actions arising from performance of contracts between the parties;
  • advisory services in the selection of optimal contractual solutions that secure the interests of our clients;
  • drafting and negotiating contracts for creative, technological, IT, and many other industries;
  • drafting and negotiating task-specific contracts, contracts of mandate and executive contracts;
  • preparation of B2B cooperation agreements, leasing agreements, and property transfer agreements;
  • drafting and negotiating contracts on execution and implementation of IT systems as well as SLAs – on ensuring the agreed level of service;
  • drafting outsourcing and franchise agreements;
  • drafting contracts for advertisement production and marketing activities on social media accounts (Facebook, YouTube).


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