Legal assistance for the IT industry is a specific task.

A software house creating IT software requires a special type of legal help in dealing with their legal challenges. Matters need to be resolved quickly, contract negotiations and signing must be a matter of no longer than days, not weeks. When the situation is critical and a client returns for an urgent analysis of the SLA agreement, the response must be ready within hours.

Throughout the process of advising IT companies, a lot of additional knowledge and understanding is required - how does software development work? How does the market for hiring programmers work, what should be considered when outsourcing work to external entities?

IT law also involves knowledge of software distribution, licensing models for SAAS software, and finally tax knowledge - how to take advantage of the IP BOX? What contracts to sign to settle the sale of software as favorably as possible?

Differences will be significant in the case of companies offering body leasing programmers and those working on their own software.

Legal support for the IT industry

In addition, IT processes related to the legal sector often touch on very complex and difficult issues, including data protection and intellectual property rights.

It is worth every company operating in the IT sector to cooperate with a lawyer.

Good cooperation with a law firm guarantees safety in conducting business in the IT sector. This way, it is possible, among other things, to avoid conflict situations between contractors and partners, take care of one's intellectual property, and by designing contracts appropriately, support the company's work with specialists - especially in the case of outsourcing developer work, which is so often used in new technology sectors.

To find the right help in all the above-mentioned matters and cases, it is worth seeking professional legal advice.

Our law firm has many years of experience in servicing the IT industry and we know the answers to all the above-mentioned issues. We offer specific legal support at various levels of development in different sectors of companies. We work with both small companies executing orders for larger ones, as well as with holdings involved in international projects and orders. We help IT entrepreneurs with tax settlements and write contracts for the most complicated IT projects.

We carry out all work according to the needs of the industry - quickly, with an open mind to non-standard actions and arrangements.

Legal services for the AI ​​industry

Our Law Firm also supports Entrepreneurs in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) law.

We understand that the key to the success of activities using AI is transparency and compliance with dynamically changing law. We implement AI into our activities ourselves. So we see what potential it has, but we also realize how many challenges are associated with the use of artificial intelligence.

Based on our own experience, we provide strategic legal support in the effective use of the potential offered by AI.

We constantly analyze potential risks related to AI, with particular emphasis on the AI ​​Act project. We create regulations that are not only a solid legal basis, but also reflect the innovative nature of AI services and tools. 

We effectively combine the interests of AI creators and development companies into transparent and comprehensive contracts that protect the rights and investments of our clients.

In our activities, we focus on partnership and commitment. Each case entrusted to us is an opportunity to show how valuable combining specialist knowledge with an individual approach to the client in the field of AI law can be.

The scope of our Law Firm’s services includes:

  • current legal advice and legal services for the IT industry;
  • preparation of contracts and legal support during and prior to the conclusion of IT contracts;
  • support in the process of verifying and negotiating contracts;
  • GDPR in IT sector;
  • assistance in choosing the form of conducting business in the IT area;
  • examination of NDA (non-disclosure) and non-competition clauses;
  • drafting and assessment of software development agreements (IT contracts) for software developers and investors;
  • developing regulations for mobile applications (including SaaS services) and websites;
  • legal analysis of planned IT projects;
  • legal audit of compliance with IT sector standards and regulations;
  • projecting holding structures for IT companies;
  • preparation of documentation for the transfer of IT software to commercial law companies;
  • assessment and negotiations of IT investment agreements;
  • legal support for IT disputes related to IT contracts and software
  • analysis of legal compliance of AI services and tools
  • creating regulations for the use of AI
  • analysis of AI risks, in particular in the context of the AI ​​Act
  • permanent legal services for companies dealing with AI
  • creating legal documentation for AI creators and developers

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IT Law Firm of the Year - Poland 2023/2024

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