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The presence of companies on the Internet is a necessity today, and the e-commerce industry is one of the branches of trade that is developing the fastest. Activities on the Internet are regulated by numerous regulations, including in the field of consumer rights and their privacy. Running an online store is not as easy as it seems.

Adapting to legal requirements (such as GDPR, consumer rights or EU directives) or preparing appropriate regulations for an online store is complicated and undoubtedly requires support from the appropriate legal staff familiar with current legal problems. It is not enough to know the laws, you also need years of practice in servicing online businesses.


Thanks to our rich experience, we can guide clients through the formal complexities associated with having a company in the online world. Providing legal support for online stores is nothing new for us. We fully understand the market mechanisms of the e-commerce industry.

We implemented GDPR in one of the largest Polish service marketplaces. We prepared regulations for dozens of online stores and portals. For our e-commerce clients, we constantly monitor the compliance of their platforms with legal regulations, make the required changes, and ensure the resolution of disputes with consumers.

We always offer dedicated solutions based on the functionality of a given website or online store.

We conduct audits, implement GDPR, prepare regulations for both small online stores and international e-commerce platforms. We introduce necessary changes resulting from new regulations such as the Omnibus directive. With us, you will develop your business while respecting applicable laws. We always provide practical advice.


  • preparation of agreements regarding Internet services;
  • development of regulations for online stores and privacy policies of online portals, general terms and conditions of service (GTC)
  • adjusting legal documents to the requirements of the register of prohibited clauses;
  • the field of copyright law on the Internet;
  • auditing, training and implementation of GDPR (Data Protection Law);
  • outsourcing of data protection officer;
  • the field of GDPR issues in a company using online services;
  • preparing and coordinating marketing processes conducted online;
  • legal services for advertising channels in the area of social media (Facebook, YouTube);
  • on-going support for online stores and startups, including the so-called marketplace;
  • auditing Internet portals to ensure they meet legal requirements
  • by securing your and your business's interests.


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