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If you are looking for a lawyer in Poland, it is worth to know how legal services in Poland operate.

Polish law is quite complicated, so depending on your needs, it is best to find a lawyer with a specific specialization.

Below, you will find brief information on how to choose the right lawyer for your needs.

Lawyers in Poland

In order to become a lawyer in Poland, one must graduate from university, undergo legal apprenticeship and pass a state examination. After that, a person obtains the title of a barrister or legal adviser. This distinction is of historical importance only, nowadays both these professions should be understood as attorneys-at-law.

This is important, because in Poland there are many different ‘legal counsels’, who usually do not have the degree of attorneys-at-law. Using services offered by such firms certainly poses a greater risk than employing a lawyer who has passed a state exam. A Polish attorney-at-law is covered by a statutory confidentiality order, which provides better protection than any NDA. In addition, such lawyer is also covered by special immunity, which means that no government agencies, tax office or other authority can demand them to disclose information provided by their clients.

An uncertified person does not have these privileges.

Moreover, lawyers with a state exam are subject to mandatory civil insurance, which significantly improves their credibility.

At our firm, you will find only state-certified senior lawyers.

Legal specialisations

Formally, lawyers in Poland do not acquire official specializations (as e.g. doctors), so everything depends on their experience.

Consequently, if you need an IT or e-commerce lawyers, you should look for a lawyer who deals only with a specific specialization. The differences between civil law, administrative law or corporate law are considerable and there are no lawyers who would specialize in everything.

Therefore, it is advisable to look for a lawyer judging by his/her past experience. For example, our law firm serves IT companies, so we have IT lawyers in our team.

If you are looking for legal services for your company, it is worth looking for a law firm that employs several or even over a dozen lawyers. Such boutique law firms are usually able to provide legal services in several specializations at once, with particular expertise in one or two specializations.

Scope of legal assistance

A lawyer in Poland can represent you or your company in any cases. It is enough to grant an appropriate power of attorney. In our office we provide complex legal services for companies.

If you want to set up a company in Poland, our lawyers will assist you at all stages of its formation. On the basis of such powers of attorney, we may execute the deed of incorporation of the company, represent the company in the bank in order to open a bank account or represent the company in the tax office in order to fulfil all tax obligations, on behalf of our partners.

In exercising ownership rights, we can vote on behalf of shareholders at shareholders' meetings and participate in employment or dismissals of company employees.

Our value is to provide ongoing support and advice as to how run a business in Poland. We do not limit ourselves to the very execution of legal transactions.

How to handle a given matter through a Polish lawyer

In Poland, it is possible to handle business matters, such as setting up a company, without physical presence in the country. In practice, a foreign entity grants a power of attorney to a lawyer from our law firm in the place of its residence or stay. The power of attorney is then sent to Poland, where it first have to be translated into Polish and then used by the lawyer to act on behalf of the client.

Our law firm assists in organizing this process from the very beginning. We will prepare the power of attorney for you (in any language) and explain how to sign it (e.g. at the notary's office). All you have to do is send it to our Warsaw law firm.

Many matters can also be handled on-line - such as establishing a basic limited liability company. In this case, we prepare the appropriate forms for you in the computer system and then we assist you on-line in signing the documents.

Legal services for foreign companies

Such complex legal services are particularly important in case of handling foreign capital investing in Poland. The most important thing then is full support in a country foreign to the Client.

In addition, we also cooperate with lawyers in the EU, UK or the US. If your case requires international involvement, we organize all the cooperation with lawyers from other countries, so that you receive the final product or service.

How to choose a law firm to cooperate with?

How to choose legal services for a company? The key to providing good legal assistance is to first understand your Client's business.

Therefore, it is good to have a wide range of legal assistance available on a day-to-day basis. Such services are provided by law firms who have several or over a dozen lawyers, which offer their services at reasonable prices. There is no need to look among the largest, network law firms. How to choose a law firm? It is worth finding out whether its team includes the specialists in various fields.

Our company is exactly such a law firm. We specialize in providing services for IT and e-commerce companies. However, our team includes several lawyers who will also provide services to companies in the field of contract law, corporate law or labour law - all taking into account the specific nature of the IT and e-commerce industry.

Therefore, if you need legal services in Poland, please contact us.

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