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Insurance business - who can run an insurance company?

December 2023

The insurance market is a huge business that has been split between a relatively small group of insurance companies - but this does not exclude the possibility of new insurance companies opening up.…

Company or branch - how to establish a company in Poland

September 2023

Are you a foreigner planning to set up your business in Poland?

If so, today's post will be especially helpful to you.…

Employment of a citizen of a non-EU country - what to keep in mind in 2023?

When deciding to hire a foreigner, it is worth bearing in mind the obligations of the employer that should be fulfilled so that such cooperation proceeds in accordance with the law and does not give rise to negative consequences.…

Copyright in the IT industry - the most important information

There is no denying that in the past few years the IT industry has developed most of all. It is therefore no surprise that an increasing number of young people are choosing to follow a career path in this particular industry.…

Limiting the abuse of artificial intelligence according to assumptions in the US and EU - what do you need to know about it?

July 2023

Artificial Intelligence (English: Artificial Intelligence, "AI") is an extremely broad topic. It is increasingly being widely discussed in the scientific, journalistic and political spheres.…

A Limited Liability Company - the most important information

October 2020

How to set up an LLC? When can a limited liability company start its business activity? Who represents a limited liability company and is responsible for the company's liabilities?…

Relocate your IT company to Poland with the Poland Business Harbour programme

Poland has special regulations that make it easier to relocate employees or entire IT companies to Poland.

The programme is called Poland Business Harbour and encompasses a comprehensive package that enables freelancers, start-ups, and small and medium-sized enterprises to relocate their business to Poland with no problems.…

Taxes in Poland

May 2022

If you are planning to open a business in Poland, you have probably already realised that Poland has become one of the countries that investors are most interested in.…

Law firm in Poland – how to find legal services in Poland?

If you are looking for a lawyer in Poland, it is worth to know how legal services in Poland operate.

Polish law is quite complicated, so depending on your needs, it is best to find a lawyer with a specific specialization.…

What is Vesting? How to implement it in a company?

January 2023

Vesting is a very popular method of motivating company founders, managers or other key employees to work and dedicate themselves to the company.…

How to set up an LLC in Poland

January 2021

Limited liability companies (so-called LLCs) became a very popular form of business activity in Poland. According to the Central Statistical Office such companies account for almost 15% of all businesses in Poland and tens of thousands of new LLCs are registered every year.…

What is an NDA? How to draw up a non-disclosure agreement?

May 2022

When negotiating with investors (or in case of any other commercial negotiation), you will have to disclose a lot of critical information and sensitive data that relates to the company, its capital structure, corporate governance, shareholders' rights and obligations, commercial information and company secrets.…

Advantages and disadvantages of the joint-stock company

January 2023

A joint-stock company becomes the suitable legal form at a certain level of advancement in doing business.

It can be assumed that this is the highest level of legal organization for an enterprise in Poland, which was created specifically for large-scale ventures that require a lot of financing and involve high risk.…

Opening a business in Poland

January 2023

Poland is a very attractive place to open a business. Situated in the very heart of Europe, with a population of nearly 40 million, it is both a great market and an easy place from which to expand a business in any other direction.…

Special Economic Zones (SEZ)

January 2023

Special Economic Zones are separate areas within the territory of Poland, where Polish and foreign entrepreneurs can conduct business on special, more preferential conditions than in the rest of the country.…

Holding law - new regulations for companies

January 2023

Since 12 October 2022, a holding law will be in force in Poland - i.e. the new provisions of the Code of Commercial Companies regulating the operation of parent companies and their subsidiaries.…

Five steps to open a company in Poland as a foreigner

Do you want to open a company in Poland as a foreigner? With our guidance and support there is nothing easier than that?…

A simple joint-stock company – are you willing to invest in Poland?

January 2023

A simple joint-stock company (so-called PSA) is a new form of conducting business in Poland, which was introduced under an amendment to the Commercial Companies Code on July 1, 2021.…

Visa and work permit in Poland

January 2023

If you are a citizen of a non-European Union country (and non-European economic area) and you want to come and work in Poland, first of all you have to obtain a basis for a legal stay in Poland.…

A limited liability company – pros and cons

A limited liability company is entering the podium as the main form of conducting business activity in Poland.

Despite some stereotypes about an LLC which still appear, more and more entrepreneurs, including foreign investors, invest in this type of business.…

Partnership with Ukrainian law firm Barristers

May 2022

Changing circumstances require decisive action and readiness for development. Therefore, in order to meet the growing demand from Ukrainian entrepreneurs for cooperation with Poland and other EU countries, we have partnered with one of the leading law firms in Ukraine: Barristers